Friday, May 18, 2012

Textbook issues

Something I've talked about with a few people is the absurd cost of text books and required reading in college. Everyone whose gone to college has recieved the ole supply list including what books you will need and that you're expected to have on day one of the class, and then on day one you're told that you will in fact be using a whole different set of books. Or your book is last years model, you need the newest version. They changed one diagram so the page numbers will be off during lectures.

With the rise of eReaders and tablets such as the Kindle, Nook, iPad etc... there really is no reason schools haven't got on that band wagon. Here's my proposal. As part of your tutition, the school gives you a (Insert product of choice) at orientation/day one of shcool. Then, again through the school, as part of your labs fees or whatever they wish to call it you are given the "redemtion"codes to download said required reading for your class right there. No question on what you need, what edition of it or did you bring the right ones to class today.

I feel like this would be a much more effective and uniform way of handling the text books. By going through the school, every student is getting exactly what they need and the school is still getting their cut. I have to imagine it is a lot cheaper on the publishing companies to just release a PDF file of a book than printing hundreds of copies of a 800 page, full color hard bound book. And its enviromentally friendly.

If you work for a school administration or know someone who does, please, pass the idea along.


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