Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sol Part 2

Taking his seat in the captain's chair, Bailey took half a heart beat to focus himself.

"Helmsman, engines to full, bring us into the planets upper atmosphere, we'll use their larger mass against them. D-7? How long until we can spool up the FTL drive?"

The little android waved his three fingered hand over the dark console, lighting up with an orange glow as he maneuvered the holo interface.

"Sir, at current rate approximately three hours. If you override the safety protocols and jump with open vents the ship will be ready in approximately twenty-"

The ship violently shudders from the shock of hit against their shields. Bailey cursed himself for biting his own lip, spitting the blood out on the floor.

"Re-calculating, approximately 40 minutes sir. Though any jump longer than a six second burst under those conditions will result in a catostrophic engine failure."

Bailey leaned foreward, rubbing the rough stubble on his chin, staring at the holo interface. With a sigh he straighted up, "D-7, give the order for engineering to evactuate and depressurize. The second we're able to jump, do it. Do not wait for my order, understood?"

"Aye-aye sir." D-7 said with a slight tip of his chrome head.

Baily gripped his chair as another round shook the ship around him.

"Sir? The enemy ship is deploying fighters."

"Lieutinet, bring all guns and point lasers to bear. Focus fire on the fighters. I'm ordering you to ignore the battle cruiser. None of our guns are strong enough to break through its shields."

"Aye - Aye sir."

From the corner of his eye Bailey saw the blinking green light on the arm of his chair, demanding his attention. Pressing down on the button he heard the speakers crackle on in the headrest of his chair.

"What is it?"

"Sir, this is Major Quinn Terric requesting permission to launch Falcon 1."

"Permission denied. We are in full evasion and retreat, we are not engaging the enemy aty this time."

"Sir, with all due respect, they've sent out fighters. They mean to take the ship not destroy it and the engines still need time before we can jump. This is the best option."

Bailey placed his left hand on his temple, " Son. We will not be able to pick you up before jump. This is a one way trip you're requesting."

"Most are sir."

Bailey glanced over at the little android staring at him. Locking his eyes with the metal ones, looking for unspoken comfirmation that came with an almost impercievable nob. With a sigh, Bailey nodded as well.

"Permission granted Major. Good luck son, may the stars guide you home."

"Thank you sir." With a soft click the speakers died.

"Status people, Lieutinet?"

"Sir the fighters are not engaging but matching speed outside of firing range."

"D-7, how long until jump?"

"Thirty two minutes sir. Also, the battle cruiser has brought its main cannons to bear."

"Ignore it. They'll lock on and then offer us the option to surrender or be destroyed. It's a bluff. Their plan is to board us. Bring up the holo. show me our location to the planet and theirs."

D-7 waved his hands over the cosole again, the orange glow washing over him.

"Sir, we are just above the planets upper atmosphere, But the Empress is still holding within the satillite's orbit. According to the ships data log we are well outside of the main cannons effective range."

Bailey leaned forward in his chair, hands on his knees as he squinted at the little holograph of the ship. "What? If they can't hit us why haven't they persu-"

The ship shuddered violently, threatening to tear itself apart for a moment as Bailey was thrown to th ground. He struggled to get himself back up. Blood, blinding his left eye. Falling back into his chair he whiped the blood off his face, feeling the warm flow from the gash on his forehead. Bailey shook his head trying to clear the fog seeping in and only making himself dizzy.

"What the hell was that?"

D-7 pulled up the holo display of the ship again, this time, most areas flashing red.

"Sir, it appears as though they've modified the Emperess's Main cannon. They fired a round straight through us. The engines are gone. We're dead in space."

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