Monday, May 7, 2012

Captain Planet Reboot.

One of the ideas I had was an updated Captain Planet comic/show/etc..
Something not as cheesy and the message isn't a specific "Pollution is bad" but the general message of the story is about balance. The balance between humanity/development and nature or betweeen people or etc. Where the goal of the 'Planeteers' is to repair, restore and rebuild a better world. And there in lies the conflict between them and whomever their against and each other.

Instead of being handed the rings by the spirit of the Earth, Gaia, herself the powers of the elements were placed within gemstones that were then placed in rings, braclets and amulets and scattered across the globe and have now resurfaced. Instead of the using only the 5 Earth, Wind, Water, Fire and Heart(Spirit), I thought about how in other parts of the globe Wood(Nature), Metal, Ice, Darkness and Light are also considered elements and I decided to go with 15 (I'll explain why so many in a moment). Having a particular Element not only gives you power over that element, it also grants the wielder an atribute. Example being, the Fire user not only creates and controls fire, he/she is also immune to fire, Air user can fly and excetra and so forth. The Elements are: Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Nature, Metal, Ice, Thunder(Lightning), Stone, Poison, Lava, Space, Light, Darkness, and Spirit. Some of these are stronger/weaker than others, over lap a bit or seem just plain odd. I know.

The three 'weakest' ones of Light, Darkness and Spirit play a bigger role. They represent the three states of energy, Positive, Negative and Nuetral. Each one has the soul (Captain Plants) of a warrior, Samurai, Legionaire and Native American/Aztec, also within their gem. Combining with any other four elements gives him a body That looks pretty much the same but altered depending on which elements he/she is currently comprised of. Which, obviously, affects what elements that 'Captain' can use. Hence, having fifteen elements allows all three to be present at the same time if narrative requires it and why shouldn't it?

So, thats the seed of an idea. I might eventually take this idea and run with it as 'Inspired by Captain Planet' and say (Insert Early Chinese Warlord or Emporer Here) forced wise men or mystics to harness the elements for him and sfter he abused them for a bit they were taken away and scattered around the globe. And in 2012 they surfaced again. Or whatever.

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